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Metal Roofing - EnviroSeal™ Roof Metal

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Sealing the inside environment from the Outside.

Metal Roofing - Bradford envirosealProduct Description

EnviroSeal Roof Metal is a light duty radiant barrier consisting of a fibreglass reinforced, kraft paper and aluminium foil laminate with fire retardant adhesive. To eliminate glare during installation, EnviroSeal Roof Metal has a green antiglare with black EnviroSeal logo on one surface.


EnviroSeal™ Roof Metal is an economical grade, reflective foil insulation specifically developed as insulation and condensation control for use under metal deck roofs in domestic and commercial applications. EnviroSeal Roof Metal can also be used as a cost effective wall wrap to protect against dirt, dust, draughts and condensation. Tough enough to withstand the rigours of construction, EnviroSeal provides additional protection during home building.


Tensile Strength

Edge Tear Strength

Fold endurance strength

Machine Direction

8.7 kN/m

59 N


Lateral Direction

5.5 kN/m

48 N


Dry Delamination Resistance: Pass Wet Delamination Resistance: Pass Shrinkage: < 0.5%

Standard Sizes and Packaging



m2 per roll

Rolls per pallet

Product code



Roof Metal











Fire Resistance

Flammability test: when tested in accordance with AS1530 Part 2 - 1993, the following flammability indices resulted:

• Spread Factor 1 • Heat Factor 1
• Speed Factor 0 • Flammability Index 2

Early fire hazard properties: when tested in accordance with AS1530 Part 3 - 1989, the following early fire hazard indices resulted:

• Ignitability 0 • Heat Evolved 0
• Spread of Flame 0 • Smoke Developed 0

Basic Surface Properties

Emissivity of Bright Foil Surface (ASTM - C445) = 5%. Reflectivity of Bright Foil Surface = 95%.


In accordance with AS/NZS 4200.1:

• Duty: Light • Vapour Barrier: Medium
• Flammability Index: Low • Emittance: Reflective
• Water Barrier: High

Thermal Performance

The thermal performance of reflective insulation varies according to the direction of the heat flow. The following tables provides system R values for common systems in accordance with AS4859.1:2002 Materials for the Thermal Insulation of Buildings.

Thermal Performance

  • Emittance of reflective foil surfaces 0.05 or less
  • Temperature difference 6º Celsius
  • In roofs, EnviroSeal installed antiglare facing up, reflective surface facing down.
  • In walls, EnviroSeal installed on the exterior of the studs, reflective surface facing the plasterboard
  • Emittance of antiglare surface 0.24

Recommendations for use

  • EnviroSeal Roof Metal should be installed as specified in AS/NZS 4200.2: 1994 Pliable Building Membranes and Underlays, Part 2 Installation Requirements and/or AS1904 Australian Code of Practice for Installation of Reflective Foil Laminate.
  • EnviroSeal Roof Metal should be installed with the green anti-glare side facing outwards.
  • In roofing applications CSR Bradford Insulation recommends using the maximum sag of 40mm deep between the rafters, except at the eaves.
  • EnviroSeal Roof Metal is not designed to withstand prolonged direct exposure to the elements, accordingly upon application of this product the outer roof or wall should be installed without delay.
  • To ensure effective performance and satisfactory lifespan, radiant barriers such as EnviroSeal must be installed with a minimum airspace of 20mm on either side, or if faced to bulk insulation an airspace of at least 20mm on the reflective face.
  • Refer to the Material Safety Data Sheets for Health & Safety information.


EnviroSeal Roof Metal is guaranteed to perform to specifications in normal building applications when installed in accordance with AS/NZS 4200.2: 1994.

EnviroSeal products should not come into contact with wet concrete or other lime based products and should be stored in a dry place out of direct sunlight before use.

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