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  • Full Range Ceiling&Wall Insulation- (Thermal & Acoustic) - Full Fixing Service
  • Supatherm Roofing Blanket- Foil Faced Roof Insulation (Cut to size)
  • Metal Roof Insulation Blanket(Cut to size of the roof)
  • Rockwool Acoustic Insulation (Under Floors, Ceilings & Walls) - Full Service
  • Enviroseal Wall Foil Insulation- Full Fixing Service
  • Pipe LaggingPre-cut and Formed Fittings - Supply Only or Full Install Service
  • Glasswool, Rockwool,- Special Facings Available
  • Air-conditioning Duct Insulation- All Facings Available
  • Industrial High Density Insulation(Cut to size with all facings)
  • Adhesive Tapes- Foil, Double sided
  • Polyester Insulation Batts & Blanket (Cut to size and faced)

Supabatts - Thermal Insulation

Spun from molten glass, SUPABATTS provide excellent value for money when thermal insulation is required. SUPABATTS meet Australian Standard AS 3742.

Bradford Rockwool - Acoustic and Thermal Insulation

Bradford Rockwool Insulation is spun from pure basalt rock and blast furnace material. Bradford Rockwool is Australia's premium acoustic and thermal insulation.

Bradford Enviroseal

Wrapping the house in Enviroseal at construction stage is a cost effective way of providing both protective and insulating benefits. When used under the roof tiles, Enviroseal acts as a weatherproof sarking to prevent water damage. Enviroseal should always be used in conjunction with SUPABATTS or SUPATHERM blanket for effective insulation performance.

Wall Insulation

Walls should be insulated during construction. SUPABATTS or Rockwool Batts are both suitable for insulating external brick veneer and internal timber frame walls.

Installed in your external brick veneer walls. SUPABATTS or Rockwool Wall Batts can stop up to 70% of the heat which passes through. Fire resistance is also greatly improved.

Bradford Rockwool Wall Batts are the 'premier' wall insulation product. When installed in external walls, as well as providing thermal benefits, they reduce outside noise entering your home. When installed in internal walls, they greatly improve the comfort of your living environment.

Remember, it is extremely difficult and costly to insulate walls after the home is constructed.

Ceiling Insulation

To gain maximum comfort for your home, installation of ceiling batts is recommended at the time of construction. With SUPABATTS Ceiling Batts, which come in a full range of "Rvalues", you can stop up to 70% of heat flowing through your home's ceilings which is the areaof greatest heat loss in the home.

Supatherm Roofing Blanket

A glasswool blanket faced with foil to provide thermal and acoustic insulation and a moisture barrier under metal roof.

  • Reduces heat entering the home through the roof in summer and escaping in winter.
  • Reduces rain, street and aircraft noise.
  • Controls under-roof condensation which can damage timber rafters.
  • Helps the environment by enabling home owners to use less energy.
  • Can help retard the spread of a roof-space fire.
  • Lowers energy bills by enabling a more efficient use of cooling or heating equipment (i.e. once the home is heated or cooled, the equipment can maintain this comfortable level ata lower degree of power)

SUPATHERM consists of Glasswool insulation faced with aluminum foil. The Glasswoolacts as an insulator and noise barrier. The foil aluminum prevents condensation. It comes inroll sizes of 15m x 1200mm R1.5, R2.0, R2.5, R3.0, R3.5 standard or cut to any length.

Enviroseal Roof Foil Insulation

One of the great benefits of insulating during construction is that you can sark your roof.'Sarking' is the term given to a vapour barrier designed to collect and expel water, moisture and dust that might enter your tiled roof. Enviroseal Roof will give your roof real protection from the weather and dust for very little cost.

Enviroseal Wall Foil Insulation

Wrapping your walls in Enviroseal at the time of construction is not only energy efficient butalso cost and time efficient. Enviroseal forms an effective vapour barrier reducing the transferof moisture from external walls to internal walls that can cause condensation, mildew and theresulting odours. Enviroseal acts as a dust barrier keeping the interior of your home cleaner.

An added bonus is that Enviroseall wall wrap gives weather protection whilst building. Workcan continue inside even in wet weather. Thermofoil also gives you a thermal insulation benefit when used in conjunction with Bradford Batts.

Under Floor Insulation

SUPATHERM Batts or Rockwool Batts positioned between the joists under uncarpeted timber floors can significantly reduce heat loss. A great benefit when you consider that 10% of the heat escaping from your home passes through the floor. In two-storey homes batts can beused in-between levels to reduce heat transfer and significantly reduce noise.

In cold climates or where floor heating is used, the edges of the slab on ground floors can be insulated with rigid sheets of bulk insulation.

Follow the easy steps in this page to receive a no-obligation free quote from for insulating your home....

STEP 1. Draw a plan of the outside of your dwelling on a piece of paper,

STEP 2. Measure the OUTSIDE walls and record the dimensions in metres

STEP 3. Divide the plan into rectangles to suit the measurements, as per the example below, triangles can be measured as a rectangle or square and halfed.

Acoustic and Thermal Insulation - Measurements Guide

STEP 4. Calculate areas of the rectangles and add them up. (this gives the Total Area)

For Example:

A = 15m x 6m =90 m2
B = 6m x 4.5m="27" m2
C = 6m x 6m = 36m / 2="18" m2

Total = 135m2

STEP 5. Write this information down so that you do not forget it.

STEP 6. Fill in the following form so that we can post an estimate out to you. Please be assured that your details will not, for any reason, be used for any other purpose or given to any other organisation.

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