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Acoustic Insulation, Brisbane

Comfort & noise free - Sound Proofing

Comfort & Quiet is what we are after, noise levels are dramatically increasing and its becoming more difficult to sit back and relax at home.

There are a number of factors influencing the increasing levels of noise:

  • Outside the home, there is traffic, machinery, neighbours and aircraft.
  • Inside the home, there is noise from air conditioners, home theatres, not to mention the kids and teenagers.
  • The increasing use of lightweight construction methods.

Unchecked, these factors will not only be frustrating and annoying, but they can have a major impact upon your lifestyle. Noise can interfere with sleep, health, happiness, employment, and property values.

However, by putting some thought into your home design and by including the right insulation, you can ensure your home is a peaceful retreat where you can relax.

Benefits of Acoustic Insulation

  • Minimises sounds transfer by approximately 6dB.
  • Controls noise between levels in multi-storey homes.
  • Create entertainment areas.
  • Reduce the level of outside noises.
  • Provide excellent thermal insulation.
  • No maintenance required.
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